Teaser Grid

Teaser Grid one of most handy component ever served. With this component;

  • You can create post/portfolio/page listing pages with filter
  • You can create testimonial slider
  • You can create post/portfolio/page slider with multiple items
  • There are many parameters available to generate many combinations
  • By adding Extra Class Name you can create your own styles

Parameters & Notes :

Note #1 : If you are going to use your component in Carousel mode and don’t want to use Widget Title please make sure you have used “no-title-carousel” as Extra Class Name and “ozythemes Portfolio Layout” as Carousel layout.

Note #2 : If you are up to build a testimonial styled Carousel please make sure you are using “ozy-testimonial-slider” as Extra Class Name and “Text – Title (Testimonial Slider)” as Carousel layout.

Note #3 : We have used to build our Showcase / Portfolio pages with Layout mode “ozythemes Portfolio Layout (Classic)”

Widget title : What text use as widget title. Leave blank if no title is needed.
Columns count : Select columns count.
Teaser count : Teaser layout template.
Content : What to do when slide is clicked?.
Layout : Teaser layout.
Images : Images for your slider.
Link : Link type.
Link target  : Select where to open links.
Template : Teaser layout template.
Layout mode : Teaser layout template.
Thumbnail size : Enter thumbnail size. Example: thumbnail, medium, large, full or other sizes defined by current theme. Alternatively enter image size in pixels: 200×100 (Width x Height).
Post types : Select post types to populate posts from.
Post/Page IDs : Fill this field with page/posts IDs separated by commas (,) to retrieve only them. Use this in conjunction with “Post types” field.
Exclude Post/Page IDs : Fill this field with page/posts IDs separated by commas (,) to exclude them from query.
Categories : If you want to narrow output, enter category names here. Note: Only listed categories will be included. Divide categories with linebreaks (Enter).
Order by : Select how to sort retrieved posts. More at WordPress codex page.
Order way : Designates the ascending or descending order. More at WordPress codex page.
Extra class name : If you wish to style particular content element differently, then use this field to add a class name and then refer to it in your css file.